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One-of-a-Kind Inside/Outside Cedar & Kiln-Dried Solid Wood Pallet Art that You Create

Embrace the artist within by creating a beautifully unique cedar art piece! How, you ask?
It’s simple: upload your favorite photo. We will do the rest.

It’s Natural. Our specialized equipment prints images directly into the grain of Western Red or Kiln-Dried Solid Wood. By using semi-translucent inks, it preserves the knots, grain, and warmth of the cedar allowing nature to take part in its creation as well. This interplay of natural textures and color with your photo will amaze you.

Inside and Outside. Like the wood in which your customized art derives, it doesn’t shy away from the natural elements. Rain, snow, wind, hail. It can take it all year-round, allowing you to spruce up your doorway, garden, or patio along with the interior of your home.

Share the Love. A great idea for enhancing any special event that you’d like to remember and cherish, such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or graduation.

To start your art, click below: